Andrew Jarrett & Nic Cooper

MultiFamily Real Estate Investors & Coaches

-Andrew Jarrett is a native of Western New York, where he was part of numerous profitable redevelopment opportunities on single family homes. He founded a property management company which managed single family and multifamily units. He sold the company and shifted his focus to the acquisition of smaller multifamily and single family investment properties in Western New York. Andrew currently holds several hundred rental units in this market with in-place management and maintenance teams. Andrew is also a #1 Bestselling author and the host of “The Passive Road to Retirement” podcast. He scaled his investments to the acquisition of large Multifamily apartment complexes. In the past two years he has gone “full cycle” on several hundred units, located in Florida and Georgia.

-Nic Cooper saw the power of cash-flowing assets with his single-family rentals but was ready to scale. He sold his remaining single-family rentals in San Diego and got his wife, Jamie on board to reinvest in real-estate on a larger scale. Together they purchased a 24 unit apartment complex in Ohio to create passive income. In the first year they optimized systems and as a result, more than doubled the properties value! They saw first-hand the power of multifamily real-estate investing as an opportunity to create passive income and build wealth for their family. Nic brings a pilot’s precision and analytical mind to multifamily real estate with over 22 years as a military helicopter pilot. At present Nic owns 172 units in TX, AL, OH and VA with $11.3MM assets under management.

Buying Multifamily 100 Units or Less With Andrew Jarrett & Nic Cooper
March 29, 2023

Buying Multifamily 100 Units or Less With Andrew Jarrett & Nic Cooper

Welcome to the Mario Dattilo Show Podcast! In this episode of The Mario Dattilo Show, we introduce guests Andrew Jarrett and Nic Cooper from Level Up REI. Nic shares his background as a Navy helicopter pilot and his early yea...

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