Jan. 9, 2023

Principles of Investing With Steven Pesavento

Principles of Investing With Steven Pesavento
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Welcome to the Mario Dattilo Show Podcast!

In this episode, Mario talks with Steven Pesavento about his success principles for entrepreneurs. The points discussed in this podcast include the importance of building long-term client relationships, having a bigger mindset and belief, and shifting to long-term and remote business models. Steven also talks about holding assets for longer periods of time, the gap between sellers and buyers in the real estate market, and the importance of focusing on one thing to be successful. Additionally, Steven emphasizes the importance of setting clear goals and aligning them with a plan of action, being open to collaboration, and aligning interests with others.

Steven Pesavento is an active investor who helps clients build wealth & cashflow through Commercial Real Estate Investments at VonFinch Capital. 

As Host of The Investor Mindset Show & Certified High Performance Coach he has raised $10’s of Millions dollars, invested into $100’s of millions of real estate. Beginning in Single Family as an operator he bought & flipped over 200 houses in under 3 years, prior to expanding into Commercial to focus on building a business around working with his ideal client - successful high income earners like himself who are investing to create flexibility and independence. 

VonFinch Capital is an Investment Manager & Sponsor specializing in Value-Add Multifamily. Their advantage is financial ingenuity & deal structures targeted to preserve investors capital, while creating outsized returns. 



Find out more about Mario at MarioDattilo.net

Talking Points:
00:42 Based In Denver

01:00 Steven’s Miniapolis Origin Story

01:54 Building Long-Term Client Relationships

02:28 Going Beyond The 9 to 5 Lifestyle

02:44 High Growth Startups In Colorado

03:33 Shadowing Real Estate Experts To Learn Fast

05:32 How To Transition Business Models05:45 Get Clear On What You Want and Why You Want It

06:09 What’s The Ideal Business and Who’s The Ideal Client You Serve?

06:49 Have A Bigger Mindset and Belief

07:07 How Can You Shift Your Business To Longer Term Relationships?

08:12 How Can You Shift To Long-Term and Remote Business?

09:22 Selling Off Assets, Cycling Out, and Pivoting

11:42 The Gap Between Sellers and Buyers

14:37 Holding Longer Than 24 to 26 Months to Weather Instability

16:03 You Have Got To Have Value In The Multi-Family Space

17:57 The Five Success Principles

19:00 Change Mental Your Code With A Successful Mindset

19:47 View Challenges As Opportunities

20:02 Problems Equal Profits

22:33 Look For Problems Other Avoid

23:08 The Most Successful People Are Ultra Focused

23:52 Get Rich Doing ONE Thing

23:58 Get Rich and Get The Fly Wheel Moving

27:44 Use The Why Question As A Clarifying Tool

28:37 Create “Super Clear Goals”

29:20 Align Your Goals With A Plan of Action And See Who Can Help

31:05 Success Comes Down To Alignment of Interest

32:02 Don’t Be “Super Selfish”

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Links & Mentions From This Episode:
VonFinch Capital
Podcast: The Investor Mindset—Real Estate Show
LinkedIn: @steven.Pesavento
Instagram: @steven.Pesavento


Steven PeasventoProfile Photo

Steven Peasvento

Managing Principle

Steven Pesavento is a real estate entrepreneur and Managing Partner of VonFinch Capital. Investing full time since 2016, he’s completed over 200 transactions, renovated nearly 100 houses and transacted over $180,000,000 in investment real estate. Steven’s investors have entrusted him with over $40 million of investor capital, delivering solid consistent returns.

VonFinch Capital is an Investment Manager & Sponsor specializing in Value-Add Multifamily. The VonFinch advantage is financial ingenuity & deal structures targeted to preserve investors capital, while creating outsized returns. VonFinch provides their clients with cash flow & tax advantaged wealth growth in both single assets and diversified funds. Put simply: We partner with our clients to invest their capital alongside ours, where we buy, operate and manage commercial real estate - making them money today & growing their wealth for tomorrow.

Steven is a Certified High-Performance Coach and a former Management Consultant for some of the Fortune 500’s top companies, he brings his years of process improvement, marketing and sales experiences to every project.

Host of the top ranked podcast the Investor Mindset he interviews some of the smartest minds & authors like Chris Voss - Never Split The Difference, Jay Papasan - One Thing, Joe Fairless - Best Ever Podcast, Mark Manson - Subtle Art of Not Giving A F&#k and many others.

When Steven isn’t focused on serving his passive investing or real estate entrepreneur clients, he enjoys running, Snowboarding, Salsa Dancing, Kiteboarding, and taking on new travel adventures.

Learn more at InvestorMindset.com the tools and strategies of the nations top investors & subscribe on your favorite Podcast app today.