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Eddie Wilson

Investor, Author, Speaker, & Corporate Leader

Eddie Wilson is a businessman who is known as the “King of Exits.” He has owned over 125 companies and exited over 85 of them successfully. His current private equity firm Collective Influence has significant holdings as well. Of those holdings, the PE firm owns – Think Realty, American Association of Private Lenders, Apticode, Fitcon, Mana Health, Tax Free Crypto, Because Coffee and around 20 other companies

Eddie is also known for creating an operating system that manages the growth of his companies systematically allowing him the greatest odds for success. His operating system is known as the Empire Operating System

With all of his success in his 40s he has turned his efforts to faith based and humanitarian non-profit activities such as - Christian Media International and Impact Others.

March 15, 2023

How To Start & Sell 100 Companies With Eddie Wilson

Welcome to the Mario Dattilo Show Podcast! In this episode of The Mario Dattilo Show podcast, Eddie Wilson from Collective Influence discusses his approach to building a portfolio of active and passive income through startups...

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